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Which type of dog leash won’t hurt the dog?

When you want to buy a dog leash, people often ask, what type of leash do you have that won’t hurt the dog? How to choose a dog leash? A dog leash is a kind of chain for controlling pet dogs. It is mainly used when taking dogs out. It can be put on the dog to restrain the dog and prevent accidents. In addition, the dog leash can also help the owner. Train pet dogs. There are many different types of dog leashes to choose from on the market. The common ones are collars, chest-back dog leashes, retractable leashes, and short leashes. You can choose the appropriate dog leash according to your dog’s body size and temperament. Let’s take a look at the functions and different types of dog leashes.

What is the dog chain used for?

dog LEASH-1
dog LEASH-1

Dog leash, also known as dog chain, dog leash, and leash, is a commonly used pet product, mainly used by pet dogs. What’s the use of a dog leash?

  1. Keep the dog on hold

When taking the dog out, because the dog has a lively personality, it may run around. If the dog is tied with a leash, it can prevent some unexpected situations. At that moment, pull the rope to send a signal to stop, and then immediately let the rope slack to control the dog.

  1. Dog training

When training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner and face the same direction, but can not ignore the owner’s existence and arbitrarily pull the rope and run straight forward. Through the slack control of the dog chain, it can play a role in training the dog. The role of dogs.

dog LEASH-2

How many types of dog chains are there?

Nowadays, many families keep pet dogs, and they also attach great importance to pet dogs. All kinds of pet supplies used are more particular. There are also many types of dog leashes to choose from. The common types of dog leashes are:

  1. Collar

Collars are made of leather, nylon, iron, and other materials. classic is the gold dog chains(CAN A DOG WEAR A GOLD CHAIN?). The material mainly depends on your preference. However, you should pay attention when choosing. You should choose a collar with a suitable length according to the neck width of the dog. After wearing the collar, the dog should be comfortable. The fur cannot be caught. In addition, puppies and long-haired dogs should not wear collars for a long time.

2, chest-back dog chain

The design of the chest-back dog chain is more humanized, which can prevent the dog from falling out of the collar, and the design of the chest and back also makes it easier for the owner to control the dog, which is suitable for all dogs.

  1. Telescopic traction belt

The rope of this leash is retractable like a tape measure. There is a button on the retractable leash, which allows the owner to easily control the dog’s range of motion. It is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs who exercise a lot, but it is not conducive to emergency situations. Control the dog quickly when the situation arises. It is not recommended for dogs with large sizes and bad temper.

  1. Short belt

It is generally used in conjunction with a collar or a chest-and-back dog leash, allowing the dog to walk around and better control the dog. It is more suitable for some large dogs and dogs with a bad temper, but at the same time, it also requires the owner to have very good control over the dog, so as not to be led around by the dog.

The above are some of the mainstream types of dog leashes. When purchasing, you can buy according to the needs and conditions of your pet dog, and pay attention to the material and function of the dog leash to choose a dog leash that is really suitable for your dog.

Is the leash collar better or the harness better?

In order to ensure the safety of dogs and people when going out, many parents will choose to put a dog chain on the dog. The common dog chains on the market are mainly two types: collar type and harness type. So which of these two types of dog chains is better?

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of collar dog leash

(1) The advantage of a dog chain collar is that it has strong control. If a dog in an ordinary family chooses a collar-type dog leash, the dog will be tamed quickly, because the neck is the most sensitive place, and it can be restrained with a little force. Dog behavior aids in dog training.

(2) The disadvantage of collar-type dog leash is mainly that long-term wearing can easily damage the hair on the neck of the long-haired dog, especially plastic or other materials with poor ventilation; even the cortex with low damage to the hair Collars, and also pay attention to wearing as few collars as possible to protect the hair when you do not go out.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of harness dog leash

(1) The strap-type dog chain has a wide range of force, and it will not be as easy to strangle the dog as the collar, and it is very suitable for some specific dogs, such as small Chihuahuas, miniatures or suffering from throat problems. dog.

(2) The disadvantage of carrying a dog leash is also obvious, that is, the control power is poor, it only acts as a restraint, and does not achieve the purpose of tameness. In the long run, the dog’s obedience will be reduced; in addition, some excited dogs The impact force is often large, and the strap-type dog chain has a large pressure on the chest cavity, which is not good for the internal organs.

In general, when choosing a dog leash for a dog, the choice is mainly based on the actual situation. Dogs with large size, strength, and difficulty in control should use collars; ordinary dogs can use both; Dogs with systemic diseases must use a leash.

dog LEASH-collar size
dog LEASH-collar size



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