What to do if the dog likes to bite the dog leash?

Some dog-owning friends responded that the dog at home has the habit of biting on the leash. This may be the dog’s venting of emotions or the dog’s resistance to the leash. The material of the leash is not good or the tightness is not appropriate. Cause the dog to bite the leash, some timid dogs will bite the leash when they are afraid, and some large dogs will express their dissatisfaction by biting the dog leash. It is not good for dogs to bite the dog leash. It is not only easy to bite the dog leash, but also easy to eat dirt and bacteria. Therefore, the owner should train the dog not to bite the dog leash. Let’s learn what to do if the dog likes to bite the dog leash.

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the reason Dogs like to bite the leash

A leash is a must-have item for dog owners. Many friends even prepare a few leashes, because their dogs have a bad habit of biting the leash, so what is the reason for the dog to bite the leash?

  1. to express emotions

Dogs are lively by nature. If the Dog who has been locked at home for a long time after going out,or the dog will play while walking. They use the method of chewing on the leash to relieve the emotions that have been suppressed for a long time in their hearts. This situation often occurs in small dogs. Happens, such as teddy, poodle, etc.

2, against the traction rope

Dogs can run around, and jump up and down at home, but they will be bound by the leash when they are outdoors, so some dogs will struggle with all their strength and bite the leash before going out. way to tell you that they don’t like being tied down

  1. Uncomfortable

Some traction ropes are of inappropriate material, and they are easy to break down after rubbing, making it uncomfortable to grind the dog’s hair; in addition, the tightness is not appropriate, and the dog will sometimes bite the traction rope to remind the owner when it is uncomfortable.

  1. Fear

Small dogs are relatively timid, and they are especially afraid of loud noises. In a noisy environment, some dogs will not adapt to it and want to break free and leave here, but due to the restraint of the rope, It happened that bite the leash happened. we suggested that the owner should appease their uneasy emotions as soon as possible, touch their heads, and hug them.

  1. Confront the master

Some dogs with a big temper may use the method of biting the leash to vent their anger, especially large dogs. If the dog is reprimanded by the owner again, in order to express the dog’s dissatisfaction, the dog will use this method to resist. Dog owner command.

Is it good for a dog to bite a dog leash?

not good.

The dog leash itself is not for the dog to bite, and the dog leash is generally used outdoors, which may be contaminated with various dirt and bacteria. If the dog bites the dog leash, it may get sick from the mouth and hurt the dog.

In addition, the material and design of the dog leash are not very resistant to bite, and it is more troublesome to replace the dog leash if it is bitten. Therefore, if the dog likes to bite the dog leash, he must pay attention to training to avoid developing bad habits.

What to do if the dog likes to bite the leash

The dog leash is only made for walking the dog, not for grinding the dog’s teeth, so it is not particularly resistant to biting. If the dog often bites the dog leash, it may be easily bitten, so what should I do if the dog bites the leash?

  1. Before teaching the dog to walk with the leash, use the target stick to let the dog learn to walk with him.
  2. Command your dog to fetch the leash when ready to go out. Sometimes a dog can learn not to bite the leash, as long as it associates it with going out for a walk.
  3. Train the dog to release the leash after hearing the command and use the “No” password.
  4. When taking your dog on a daily basis, you should anticipate this bad behavior, distract it before biting, and train it to do other actions, such as walking or sitting, or giving it other toys to play with.
  5. Use a metal traction leash, which is stronger and no longer likes to bite. Dogs can’t easily bite off such gold dog chain and leas
gold dog leash chain
gold dog leash chain




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