What is the best way to leash a dog?

There are many types of dog leashes, of which the leash is a prevalent one. When using a dog leash, first put the collar around the dog’s neck, adjust the appropriate tightness, and then use the other end of the leash with a Hold one hand at the waist, so that the owner is on the side of the dog, and through the traction of the dog leash, control the dog to be parallel to the owner or slightly ahead. There are many things to pay attention to when using a dog leash, such as maintaining the strength of the leash and the method of the dog leash to control the dog. Let’s look at the usage of a dog leash and the precautions for using the leash.

the correct use of a dog leash

  1. Put the collar of the dog’s leash on the dog’s neck and adjust the appropriate tightness. The state of the leash should be slightly drooping from the dog’s collar and maintain a certain slack so that two It is better than the fingers cannot be removed directly
  2. The other end of the leash is held on the waist with the right hand, and the owner is on the left side of the dog. Through the traction of the dog leash, the dog can be controlled to be parallel with the owner or slightly ahead.

what to pay attention to when using a dog leash

The dog leash is one of the necessary tools for dogs to travel. The correct use method is the key to the dog’s ease with you. In the process of using the dog leash, there are a few more things to note, including:

  1. Since the external environment is relatively unfamiliar, the leash should be fastened before taking the dog out. In the process of putting the dog on the leash, comfort and encouragement should be given in a whisper to avoid the dog’s conflict
  2. Pay close attention to the dog’s rhythm during the march. The owner needs to be prepared for the instantaneous shaking and pulling of the leash, and the amplitude should not be too large.
  3. When using the dog leash, you should avoid constantly tightening the leash and not loosening it, which will put a lot of pressure on the dog’s neck, which will not only make the dog uncomfortable but also cannot correct the dog’s behavior.
  4. When training or going out for a walk, try to let the dog walk in the same direction on the owner’s side. Be careful not to let the dog ignore the owner’s presence and run straight forward with the rope arbitrarily.
  5. When the dog is about to pull the rope forward, the owner should pull the rope back sharply to restrain its neck. It is very important to grasp the strength and timing of this moment. Apply pressure on the neck, then loosen the rope.
  6. If you have a strong dog, you can use a collar with nails on the inside. Some big dogs need to use a stronger stainless steel gold dog chain( CAN A DOG WEAR A GOLD CHAIN?) Compared with ordinary dog ​​leashes, the strength and pain are stronger and more convenient to control. However, it is recommended to avoid using it as much as possible. This kind.

What length of the leash is right for your dog?

The length of dog leashes varies by manufacturer, but they generally come in three different sizes:
A. Short dog leash is generally 1 meter long or shorter, ideal for crowded cities;

B. The standard dog leash is generally 2m, which is more suitable for walking in quiet neighborhoods or when there are fewer people;

C. A long leash is generally 10 meters or longer and is mainly used for dog training. This leash is generally retractable, which can make the puppy more free.

When choosing the length of the dog leash, it is mainly determined according to the needs. Considering the control and comfort of the dog, a leash with a length of 122-152cm is more suitable, so as to keep the dog in a safe and controllable manner. Within the range, at the same time, the dog will not have a strong sense of restraint.



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