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 a shop exclusively for big and small dog

When I was very young, my parents were afraid that I would be lonely, so they raised a little black dog. Whenever I came home from school, the little black dog would rush out to greet me as soon as possible. Black dogs brought a lot of joy to my childhood and life. The dog is one of the important members of my family, so no matter what I eat or use, I will find the best for it.

Slowly, the neighbors around me saw the clothes and necklaces on my black dog. Everyone asked me where I bought it from, and I want to buy the same model. I think I can serve more people, so I have website:payhapy.com, I want all pets and dogs to be happy

Combining top quality materials and the latest human fashion trends, our mission is to create pet products that both the human and dog will love.

As dog parents ourselves, we personally test and stand by each product we create

Join us, celebrate our passion for pets and be part of the “Happy dog parents” community!

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